Preventing Fraud and Scam

Protecting you from digital threats

We, at Keepabit, have one main goal. And that is to provide a safe environment at all times. Rest assured that when you buy or sell Bitcoin and other digital coins, your funds are safe and secure.

Please review below our protection policy and see how we protect you from digital threats including but not limited to phishing, data leakage and hacking.

Common Fraud & Scam Prevention

Our expert team is always updating our common scam and fraud list. We stay up to date with the latest fraud attempts, so we can better serve and protect you.

Keepabit will never ask you to share your password or other personal information by email or phone. If somebody asks you to share this — pretending to be Keepabit — then please report it immediately as this would be an attempt from an outside scammer.

Two-Factor Authentication

Keepabit’s high-tech security system incorporates the two-factor authentication (2FA) protection method of establishing access to your online account. This requires you — the user — to provide two different types of information.

Think of this as an extra layer of security to your account, outside your username and password, that keeps your personal information and account safe by preventing fraudulent activities.

If you receive a request to share your two-factor authentication, even if it seems to be associated with Keepabit, please contact us immediately. We would never ask you to share such sensitive information.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

To enable this, simply activate the two-factor authentication (2FA) through Google Authenticator under your account’s settings.

And remember, never share sensitive information such as your username, password, 2FA code, or any other confidential information with anyone. We, at Keepabit, would never request such information over the phone or via email.

Cybersecurity Threats Protection

A strong password is always key when setting up your account. By doing so, you make sure that fraudsters will have a hard time trying to hack your account. This will protect you from potential data leakage or other cyber security threats.

Don’t forget to change your password regularly and minimize the risk of phishing and hacking by using a unique password every time that you do so.

Keepabit’s Recommendation

To keep your personal information safe from potential identity theft in a data breach, we use advanced proprietary technology.

Keepabit advises you — and all our customers — to avoid storing any private and personal documents like your driver’s license, passport photos, or anything else that can be used for identity theft on your computer or email.

Always remember to avoid links or files that you are not 100% sure of the credibility of the source.

Keepabit: A Transparent Crypto Exchange

We want you — our esteemed client — to not only feel but be secure at all times. We want you to transact with complete peace of mind. As crypto transactions are irreversible, it is key that you only send funds to a trustworthy recipient.

Always make sure that the cryptocurrency address is correct and that you are sending funds to a reliable business.

Our friendly and dedicated support team is ready to answer all your fraud-related questions and help you understand how to stay safe and secure.