Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via Google Authenticator

Log in to your Keepabit account. Go to your “Profile” on the top right side of the page.

Select “Enabled” on the “Two Factor Authentication With External App” and click update.

After the option being enabled, select “Authenticate” and you will be redirected to the “Two Factor Authentication” page.

Below is a guide to help you enable Google Authenticator to improve your Keepabit account security.

Step 1: Install Google Authenticator

Download and install the Google Authenticator in App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Step 2: Scan QR Code with your Google Authenticator app

A QR code and 16-digit key will be shown on the page. Open your Google Authenticator app, click the symbol【+】on the top right-hand side to scan the QR code, or you can manually enter the ‘2FA 16-digit key.’

Step 3: Save the Backup key

Make sure to save the 16-digit key, which can be used to re-bind your account in case you no longer have access to your previous Google Authenticator.

Step 4: Authenticate

Once you scanned your unique QR code or added the code instead, please enter the generated digits from the 2FA (6-digit number).

How do I resolve a “binding failed” issue?

  • Ensure that the “Google Authenticator” app is installed.
  • Synchronize the time on your mobile phone and computer.
  • Ensure the password and 2FA code are correct.
  • Ensure the date/time setting in your mobile phone is set to “automatic”.

You may refer to the following screenshots to change the settings in your phone.


How do I re-enable Google Authenticator if I no longer have access to my previously installed Google Authenticator app?

If you have stored the 16-digit code which was generated when you enabled the Google Authenticator for the first time, you can re-enable your Google Authenticator by adding the key to the App manually.





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